We are proud of the high-quality clothing we create and believe that the life of each of our garments should last beyond just one child. We want our ultra-comfy garments to be passed down into the hands of a new child, who will take it on adventures and create new memories that are full of play.

We have dedicated ourselves to creating this program, which we have aptly named PK RePlay, to share the high quality and sustainability of our products, lessening consumption and keeping them out of landfills.

 The PK RePlay program consists of 2 separate initiatives to ensure we are doing our part in preserving our precious earth.

We are using well-worn and damaged Beans and repurposing the fabric into brand new items like scrunchies, wall hangings, hacky sacks and dog toys.
The opportunity to purchase pre-loved gently used styles from past that still have lots of life in them and are ready for their next adventure to create playful memories. Shop a variety of gently used Beans, and “Vintage” styles for boys, girls, baby and Moms with many styles being highly sought after pieces that date as far back as 2007!


Because the best thing we can do for the planet is cut down on consumption and get more use out of the clothing that has been well-loved. We are doing our part with the PK RePlay program by creating brand new products with unsellable well-worn Beans. We believe the quality of our custom fabrics goes beyond a single garment and can be repurposed into something that is new and one-of-kind. 

To create our new PK RePlay items, we recently worked with Common Thread, which is a Vancouver based non-profit society offering training and employment in sewing and crafting to people with social and work barriers. They provide program participants with work skills that will enable them to generate income and to offer social engagement opportunities where they can feel valued for their skills and experience rather than judged because of their mental health barriers.

 In addition to offering this support, their programs address a skill shortage in the local manufacturing industry and contribute to the city’s zero waste goal by using repurposed fabric and crafting materials. 

Common Thread has demonstrated that the additional income as well as the supportive environment where the program participants are valued consistently has led to greater financial stability, improved health outcomes and an increased sense of social connectedness. Together these results benefit not only the individuals but also the community.




If you are interested in collaborating with us and selling your gently used Beans, email us at play@pkbeans.com to be added to our waitlist.

We will contact you first when we are ready to launch this PK RePlay initiative.



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