New Fall Arrivals

New Fall Arrivals

Kindness is a verb. It’s small little actions everyday. It’s the ripple effect of a pebble in a pond, or dominos pushing forward touching one and then another. It’s a kind word, a compliment, it’s acceptance of one another, it’s inclusion, it’s listening, like really listening. Kindness is the inspiration behind our new collection.

The Fall 2021 “Choose Kindness” Collection is inspired by a movement of change in a world that needs a hug. This season, kindness to the earth is represented by shades of green, while the colour “henna” represents the colour of the earth and soil of our land. Kindness to each other, lending a gesture or a hand to hold, is represented in soft shades of pink and new soft cozy fabrics, textures and styles that will wrap your children in a hug! 

Fall in love with our new arrivals below!

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