Tooth Fairy Kits

Tooth Fairy Kits

Whether you call it Topolino (Italian), La Petite Souris (French), Hammaspeikko (Finnish), or El Ratoncito Pérez (Spanish), the Tooth Fairy is a character that is widely known by children, and one that they are fond of during their early years. There are many different traditions from all over the world that come along with losing a tooth, but as different as some of them may be, all of them represent one thing…. imagination, fairy tales, and the innocence of children's beliefs.

At PK Beans we foster children’s imagination and allow them to create their own magical world. Therefore we have introduced a brand new product for our little beans, a collection of Tooth Fairy Kits to keep this old folklore alive for our young generation.

We have this collection for our sustainable initiative, PK RePlay, and have partnered with local sewers to use the fabrics from well-loved beans and create 3 different kinds of tooth fairy pillows.
All 3 styles come in a cotton muslin draw-string bag, and 2 printed cards for Mom & Dad to cut into mini notes and use on behalf of the Tooth Fairy. One of the notes is from the child where there’s a spot for them to write their own name and leave in the pocket with their tooth for the fairy to retrieve.  The second card is a mini note with an envelope that can be left in place of the tooth from the Tooth Fairy herself, along with either a little token or money. 

FREEBIE! Download a copy of our Tooth Fairy mini notes & envelope to use whenever you like! 

These Tooth Fairy kits range from $9 - $15 and are available only for a limited time.
By using the fabrics of well-loved beans, we are lessening the burden of used clothing ending up in landfills, therefore, doing our part in leaving a cleaner and more sustainable planet for us to enjoy.



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