The PKB Explorers' Club

The PKB Explorers' Club

Our mission has always been to support families and children live a happy and playful life and with our current environment, we feel more dedicated to this mission now more than ever. That's why we created the PK Beans Explorers' Club. The PK Beans Explorers' Club is a portal to a world filled with stories, activities and balanced digital engagement. Delivering fun, joy, entertainment and balanced digital engagement to everyone’s home!

We strongly believe in the benefits of unstructured, free play for children, however, we know that technology is a part of our world and we want to do what we can to support parents in incorporating technology in your child's life in a healthy, balanced way. That's why we worked with child psychology experts to create this wholesome and effective tool to educate, entertain and boost kids' imaginations.
So please join the ground-breaking explorations of Jack & Lilah Bean, two kids who love adventure so much they created their own 
@pkbexplorersclub! Join them as they balance technology with active play, to spark your child’s imagination and get them playing!


Learn more about the PK Beans Explorers' Club HERE

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