The benefits of being slow.

The benefits of being slow.

In Carl Honoré's 2004 book, In Praise of Slow, he describes the slow movement thus:

"It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow philosophy is not about doing everything at a snail's pace. It's about seeking to do everything at the right speed. Savouring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them. Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting."

I am incredibly grateful that my Nana taught me what this means. She taught me how to grow your food, can or smoke anything, sew, knit, bake and mend. I believe the skills she shared helped me appreciate quality, to which grounded me during the creation of PK Beans and upon the principal of producing clothing that is meant to last longer. Although I have grown up in the new fast-paced world and enjoy the modern conveniences, I appreciate the movement towards slow, particularly during the season of Covid.   

It is inevitable that holes will happen in leggings or pants – kids are meant to play, to move, to jump, to bend and to roll. We don’t want to inhibit that – so in the spirit of the slow movement, we have created Bean Patches, rather than throwing out your ripped garments, why not mend them with one of our custom playful patches. We make our products with our own high-quality custom fabrics which are known for their durability, however, when little beans are hard at play, holes happen. As part of our sustainable initiative, PK RePlay Iron On Patches makes it super easy to cover holes and stains, which can extend the life of your clothing and keep it out of landfills.

Our patches are made from PK Beans fabrics and have a slight stretch so these are perfect for those “bendy” areas like knees and elbows. They are ready to adhere and take only 30 seconds to iron on!  We offer a variety of fun shapes and colours, perfectly suited for each unique bean.

And on a side note, if your well-loved beans are beyond repair, do you know we will take any garments back that you can no longer wear, due to holes or stains, as we will repurpose them via PK Replay. Here is to enjoying the modern conveniences we have, but let’s be mindful of our planet AND enjoy the simple things too! 

More from our blog about the slow movement, thrifting and donating your well-worn beans:

Did you know that "three out of five fast fashion garments end up in a landfill within a year of purchase"? (source:

This is just one of the reasons we design intentionally at PK Beans. We want our garments to stand the test of time. There is no fast fashion here. We make our clothing with high quality fabrics that are thicker to stand up to multiple washes and to live up to the demands of children.  We believe that one garment should last through many memories and multiple kids. And we even take it a step further. When your child is done with their Beans, you can give them back to us on consignment and we will resell them for you as part of our Pre-loved program!  Read on....


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