The benefits of Art Therapy

The benefits of Art Therapy

Here at PK Beans, we support the health and well-being of our younger generation and feel our PK RePlay art kits are not only creative, but offers wonderful therapy through the means of creating art.  Art has always been deemed as a relaxing and inspiring activity for kids, however, the particular benefits of artistic expression go much further than relaxation and enjoyment. Studies suggest that art therapy can be very valuable in treating issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and even some phobias. And with the state of the world we are currently in and struggling with the ongoing stresses of Covid-19, art is a great way to express your emotions without words, process complex feelings and find relief. BUT… it’s not only beneficial for kids!  Our Art Kits are a great therapeutic way for parents to destress and have some quiet downtime time as well. Whether we get creative alone, create with our kids on a Sunday crafternoon, or enjoy an evening night in with some much needed social time with friends, it has proven to have an extremely positive effect on our mental health.

Parents who feel overwhelmed or pressured by the hectic world we live in should try art therapy. Art therapy is not about becoming a great artist but about finding meaning and connection in your life. All you need for it is a willingness to experiment. And maybe a gathering with friends for a well-deserved evening of creativity, laughter, and connection with our new Free Flowing Florals Art Kit is exactly what we need right now.

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