Reflecting On 2020

Reflecting On 2020

Of all the things that I saw in 2020 (and we all know it was a lot), one resounding quality that stood out for me is strength and courage.

PK Beans is made up of a small, but mighty team of women and mothers who I saw endure so much this year. In March, lockdown happened and I saw my team rise up to each challenge they faced.  Enduring the emotional trauma of family losing their jobs, reduced pay or hours cut, and yet they continued to teach, parent and work, simultaneously, choosing strength, courage, love, patience and kindness.  

Due to the lockdown in March, we had to temporarily close our retail location and lay off our beloved retail staff, which was not easy to do.  Seeing the opportunity of time become available to us, we brought the team together and launched PK Replay, our sustainability initiative, online and began offering preloved PK Beans as well as created new products by repurposing well worn PK Beans styles. This has been a passion project for our entire team and aligns incredibly well with our values to create a product that lasts and stays out of the landfills.

During this time, we also rebranded to PK Beans, which was years in the making! Shortly after we launched the PKB Explorers Club (now called the Peekabeans Club), our Monthly Adventure Box, bringing our mission of play and product offering even closer together.These were all no easy feats in lockdown, but I am so proud of our team and how they rose to the occasion!

Personally, it was a very traumatic time for me. I lost my father-in-law, Papa, in August and in November, both my parents contracted the coronavirus. Thankfully my Mother survived, however, my Father tragically did not.  During this time my team lifted me up, and held me together as we tried to keep business as “normal” as we could.

Through all of this, you, our beloved VIB’s (Very Important Beans) stood by our side and supported our business.  We truly could not be more grateful for considering us as your clothing brand of choice for your children.

When you choose PK Beans, we hope you feel great knowing you are choosing quality, stability and comfort for those you love most. You are choosing to believe PLAY is the backbone to imagination, wellness and self actualization.  You are choosing to teach independence, self-confidence and empowering your children by supporting a brand that celebrates “I can do this myself”!  Finally, you are choosing a happier planet to leave for future generations by saying "I choose quality over fast fashion".

We know that alongside us in 2020, you showed up with strength and courage too for your families and for your neighbours. As we look forward to new beginnings in 2021, we wish you precious time with the ones you love, safety, health and renewed hope.

On behalf of myself and my Bean team, keep on playing.

In love and play,

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