Put Your Best Face Forward

Put Your Best Face Forward

By Caprice Conners

Before Caprice takes over our blog as a kick off to our collaboration, I wanted to share a quick note about our friendship. It was love at first sight when Caprice and I had our first lunch close to 2 years back in Toronto. Since then we have forged a strong friendship grounded in mom life, business and, of course, fashion!  She inspires me constantly with her creative soul and I’m so happy we could dip our toe in our first collaboration together. Caprice's daughter, Everly, is a loyal PK Beans fan too, which of course we love! Take it away Caprice! - xo, Traci


Whether you’re a non-essential worker clocking in from home or a frontline employee, these days finding that inner desire to look and feel your best has become one more battle many of us are waging on the daily. Truth be told, when it comes to pulling together an outfit, for many of us the struggle is real. Even though we know that pulling on our favourite sweater or jeans will help us channel that look good, feel better mindset we all so desperately need, it’s not always so easy.

When there’s no guarantee of who you may see, it’s probably no surprise that as a global collective getting dressed leaves many of use feeling unmotivated and uninspired. These past 365 days have hit everyone hard which has made our fashion-inspired days feel more like a long-forgotten relic of the pre-COVID era.

While the vaccine has made it look promising for brighter days ahead, ones that include wearing cute outfits and socializing in public places with our favourite people, no matter where you’re going, who you’re seeing or what you’re doing, we’ll all likely still be wearing masks.

We all know that looking good goes hand in hand with feeling good and for better or worse, it all impacts our mental health. Showering, getting dressed in clean clothes—even comfy ones—helps you find the headspace you need to be productive in your day. Taking a fashion-forward approach to helping you make those choices and ultimately make your life a little easier was part of the inspiration behind the face mask collaboration between PK Beans and I. Available in XS, S and M, the two distinct colour combinations are high on fabric quality, design details and craftsmanship. And while you might not immediately notice all the innovation, the colours will definitely get your attention.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic preferences, different hues can actually affect how we feel about how we look, and ultimately set the mood for our day. See where I’m going here? Achieving that feel good mindset, just got a little easier, am I right? With two unique colour palettes, this mask duo not only appeals to your mood, but it also simplifies your fashion options. Soft peach and grey shades are the cheerful, easy vibe that’s perfect for spring and summer or even when you need a little extra light in your day while the deep rich hues of magenta, orange and dark grey offer a moody and mysterious feel with a pop of colour.

No matter if the current lockdown is ending or another one is just around the corner, this is one simple, easy fashion decision to enable us all to be seen, felt and downright understood. 

Check out PK Beans + Caprice Conners Face Masks here. 

About Caprice:

Caprice Conners is a Toronto-based creative director, fashion stylist and Mama to a beautiful 2 year old girl, Everly. In addition to working as an editorial stylist in traditional media and advertising campaigns, she has worked in different capacities styling for Rogers Sportsnet, Citytv’s Breakfast Television and The Shopping Channel. Her work as a costume designer has appeared in numerous television and independent film projects. After completing an education in fashion design, she began her career as a junior womenswear buyer for a corporate fashion retailer. Caprice has a tremendous commitment to elevate her collaborations along with her personal dreams. She is a true artist, devoted to the challenges and creative story telling on every project she embraces. You can learn more and follow along with Caprice on Instagram at @capricestylist.




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