Launching PK RePlay

Launching PK RePlay

The play continues with our newly opened Vintage Beans Boutique!

It's been a labour of love for the entire Peekaboo Beans team for many months so it’s an understatement when we say we are thrilled to finally share the opportunity for all our local bean followers to shop a wide assortment of gently used beans at our in-store vintage boutique at Tsawwassen Mills.

We have dedicated ourselves to creating this program, which we have aptly named “PK RePlay, to share the high quality and sustainability of our products, lessening consumption and keeping them out of landfills.

We are proud of the high-quality clothing we create and believe that the life of each of our garments should last beyond just one child. We want our ultra-comfy garments to be passed down into the hands of a new child, who will take it on adventures and create new memories that are full of play.  

Visit our new RePlay boutique to shop our many pre-loved styles from past seasons as far back as 2007 for boys, girls, and baby! In addition to our collection of gently used quality styles, we have a number of styles that are those ‘hard to find’ gems. Every so often we get our hands on a “Very Vintage” piece that was produced with limited quantities, manufactured in Vancouver and is over 8 years old. These pieces are usually highly sought-after and therefore are priced a little higher than the majority of our RePlay Beans. And… even more exclusive than these Very Vintage styles, we have a select few pieces that we consider extremely rare called “Unicorn Beans”. These would be Peekaboo Beans garments that were produced in 2006 or 2007 with very limited quantity, our first-ever Mommy Beans pieces, or it could be a style that was a prototype and never even went into production. This makes them very special and ultra-rare, just like a unicorn.

Alongside our PK RePlay program, we have another sustainable initiative in the works that we can’t wait to share more about very soon. So stay tuned for all the exciting details!

In the meantime, visit our PK RePlay boutique at Tsawwassen Mills to shop for our quality pre-loved beans. Follow our Facebook page HERE to stay up to date with new programs, promotions, and in-store events that can’t be missed!

If you are hoarding all your vintage much-loved beans, you can get on a waitlist to have yours in our new RePlay boutique. Email us at with your information and we will contact you when this new program is open to the public. 





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