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I recently heard a child refer to her face mask as a “Nose Blanket". 

Don’t kids just say it best?  Since, well, don't the words “mask” have a negative connotation now (other than the super hero part, of course)? 

But nose blanket sounds way more fun than face mask! Nose blanket makes me think of lying by a warm fire with a cozy blanket, curled up and reading a book. 

So with that, we are launching some new Nose Blankets this week with an updated fit and some cool branding too!

Plus, we finally gave each style of our masks a name – you know, sometimes we just need to meet them for a while.  😊

So, check out our new nose blankets, as well as our full selection of nose blankets in the link below to find the best fit for you. Your noses will thank us.

Playfully yours, 


Woman and daughter wearing face masks


Check out Traci in the video below to find the mask that will fit you best!



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