Imagination Play

Imagination Play

We have brand new products launching today for PK Replay, our sustainability initiative, and wanted to share with you a little sneak behind the seams on how these upcycled products come together. 

First off, to avoid products ending up in the landfill, we are repurposing styles that can’t be sold, have slight defects, or have been well played in. Sometimes a piece has a hole in the knee or a stain somewhere that doesn’t affect the beauty of the garment but is no longer able to be worn.  So we happily take those items, we clean and preserve them and then repurpose them!

This week we added a small collection themed 'Imagination Play', which includes Whimsical Wands, Superpower Masks, Fairy-tale Crowns, and Woodland Art Canvases.  Here's a peek at the process of creating and sewing our Superpower Masks and Fairy-Tale Crowns: 


 You might recognize some of our prints from seasons gone by in our new RePlayed products! We strive for sweet and sustainable decor and play items for your little ones to enjoy while continuing to do our part in creating a cleaner and more sustainable planet for our younger generation.




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