Meet Monty - Super Beans

For this Super Beans feature, we wanted to do something a little different than we normally do. Normally, our Super Beans features are dedicated to children who have over come challenges in their lives and are thriving today. Today we want to simply feature an amazing little Bean that we met at our most recent Fall 2021 Photo shoot. Meet Monty.

Monty is five years old, going on six, and going into grade one this year. He first asked for his first dream dress when he was three years old. Rainbow zombies and a full circle skirt was the request. It didn’t take long to ask for more and he hasn't stopped since.

He loves the twirl and freedom of dresses. He also enjoys pretty things and sparkles. Trucks, trains, dinosaurs, Pokémon and Ghibli movies also make his heart sing.

He loves to design his own clothes and has a great eye for fashion and design. He is shy, bubbly, sweet and outgoing once comfortable. He sparkles with the light from a thousand stars.

All children deserve to be loved and supported.  Exactly how they are.

We want to say a big thank you to Monty & his mom. We loved getting to know Monty! Something so magical about children when they are so little is how they really don'y know how to be anyone but themselves. And Monty is exactly that! We feel so inspired by his authenticity. We wish him all the best!

Super Beans is a space dedicated to children who have overcome challenges in their life and are thriving today. These stories, told by their families, continually inspire us and we hope that sharing them can positively impact you and your family too.

Do you know a Super Bean? We would love to share their story!  Email us at


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