Not to worry though, it’s still us making the same high quality children's wear that you love.

After 14 years we're really excited to refresh our brand and bring a new look to our community. This refresh represents the evolution of our brand, while honouring our history. Check out the evolution of our logo in the video below!



  • Our name! Peekaboo Beans will now be referred to as PK Beans.

  • Our logo. We love our original logo and it will always be part of our story. We know many of you and your little ones have come to love the original beans logo too. This change has been a journey for us but we love where we’ve landed and hope you will too!

  • will now redirect to

  • Our support team is now available at 

  • With this brand refresh comes the same quality and style but with new playful products and activities which we can't wait to share more on soon!


  • Our high quality, long lasting children's clothing.

  • Our Values. Our values haven’t changed. We will always be a mission-based company that is focused on more than just the product. We are still passionate about supporting families and the benefits of a playful life for children and we still value an ethical manufacturing process and sustainability. 

  • Customer Service. We’re still the same team of passionate moms here to help you with any of your questions.


The name for Peekaboo Beans was originally inspired by a game that founder and CEO, Traci Costa, played with her first daughter while she ate her favourite snack, edamame beans! PK Beans is our modern take on the name “Peekaboo Beans”. 


With any rebrand, there will be a transition period. Although we have launched our new logo and name digitally, you will not see our new logo and name on our clothing until we release our Fall 2020 collection. That means that our upcoming Summer collection will be the last time you can purchase items with our original Peekaboo Beans logo. With that said, we will be launching a new product that is SO incredibly exciting that will have our new name and logo on it this month! Stay tuned for more details and get ready to get dressed for adventure!


If you have any questions, please email us at and our team will happily assist you.




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