International Children's Day - Philippines

International Children's Day - Philippines

In honour of International Children’s Day and our passion for play, we thought we would explore how different kids play around the world! With the help of Aunt Nellie, a renowned explorer from The Peekabeans Club, we’ll be sharing fun ways children play in countries across the world from November 20th - 26th. This week we are visiting… The Philippines



Hello again explorers! Today we crossed back over the North Pacific Ocean and made our way to the Philippines! The Philippines is a beautiful place made up of thousands of islands! The beaches have the bluest water you've ever seen and the most delicious fruits grow there! In the Philippines, there is a traditional game that children and adults play called Sungka. Learn how to play Sungka below!



Sungka, pronounced SOONG-kah, is a traditional count and capture game of the Philippines. It involves dropping shells or stones into large holes on a long canoe-shaped board called Sungkaan.

 Check out this video below explaining how to play.



Alongside celebrating children around the world through featuring different ways kids play, we wanted to create something for your little ones to play with while learning about somewhere new. So, we created a Philippines Flag Colouring Sheet! Click below to download and save the PDF, then print and get colouring!



Visit our blog tomorrow to see where we explore next!

Who's Aunt Nellie?

Aunt Nellie is a world renowned explorer and a member of The Peekabeans Club! She is always on the move and her curiosity has no end! Learn more about Aunt Nellie and the Peekabeans Club at

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