International Children's Day - Brazil

International Children's Day - Brazil

In honour of International Children’s Day and our passion for play, we have been exploring how different kids play around the world! With the help of Aunt Nellie, a renowned explorer from The Peekabeans Club, we’ve be sharing fun ways children play in countries across the world from November 20th - 26th on our blog. Today we are visiting… Brazil


Hello explorers! Today we're discovering the country of Brazil! Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. Brazil is also the only country in South America that speaks Portuguese.

A game you will often see children playing in Brazil is called Luta De Galo, Portuguese for 'fight of the roosters'. Like you may have guessed from the meaning of its name, this game is a 2 player hopping game, which imitates a rooster fight! Learn how to play below.



To play, you'll need one handkerchief (or bandana,  flag, etc) each. Each player tucks in (not tie!) the handkerchief into their back pocket, belt, or waistband.

Next, each player crosses their right arm across their chest, and holds up their left leg. Players must hop around one-legged and use their free arm to snatch their opponent’s handkerchief. If a player puts their left leg on the ground or unfolds their right arm, they’re out!

Check out the video below showing how to play Luta De Galo.



Alongside celebrating children around the world through featuring different ways kids play, we wanted to create something for your little ones to play with while learning about somewhere new. So, we created a Colouring Sheet of Brazil! Click below to download and save the PDF, then print and get colouring!


Visit our blog tomorrow to see where we explore next!


Who's Aunt Nellie?

Aunt Nellie is a world renowned explorer and a member of The Peekabeans Club! She is always on the move and her curiosity has no end! Learn more about Aunt Nellie and the Peekabeans Club at

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