International Children’s Day - UK

International Children’s Day - UK

In honour of International Children’s Day and our passion for play, we thought we would explore how different kids play around the world! For the next 7 days, we’ll be sharing fun ways children play in countries across all 7 continents. This week we are visiting… The United Kingdom!

With the Holidays around the corner, we thought this was the perfect game to feature. Pass The Parcel is a classic British party game for kids or adults which you may have very well played yourself!


  • Take a “surprise gift” and wrap it in multiple layers of wrapping paper. Use different colours for each layer to make it easy to distinguish each.
  • To begin, everyone playing sits or stands in a circle. Someone who isn’t playing will need to control the music.
  • Then, turn the music on and players start passing the gift to each other. When the music stops, the player holding the gift removes the first layer. Then, the music begins and stops again.
  • This continues until the last piece of wrapping paper is removed and that player gets the “prize”!
  • To make the game even more fun, you can add a note to each layer telling the player to do something fun or silly - for example, do a funny dance, switch places with another person, hop on one leg to the center and back, etc.

This is a super fun game to play around the holidays or at a birthday! 


Alongside celebrating children around the world through featuring different ways kids play, we wanted to create something for your little ones to play with while learning about somewhere new. So, we created a United Kingdom Map Colouring Sheet! Click below to download and save the PDF, then print and get colouring!



Visit our blog tomorrow to see which continent we explore next!

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