Gratitude Printable

Gratitude Printable

September 21, 2021 is World Gratitude Day!

In a world that can feel chaotic at times, it is so important that we take a moment to be grateful. That is why we wanted to celebrate World Gratitude Day this year!

Did you know that the celebration of World Gratitude Day started in 1965 in Hawaii? It was decided at an international gathering that it would be a good idea to have one day per year to formally express gratitude and appreciation for the many wonderful things to be found in the world.

Why should we practice gratitude? Well, there are many benefits to reflecting on our world and what we are thankful for. It has been shown that doing so can help improve sleep, lower stress, reduce symptoms of depression and boost the immune system. Also, it is such a beautiful practice that we can teach our kids. That's why we created this Gratitude Printable. Simply print it out and at the end of each day take a moment with your child to reflect on their day and what they felt thankful for. Then, write it down on the lines of the rainbow for that day. At the end of the week, you can look back and talk about all the things they felt grateful for during the past week!

We hope you love this activity that you and your little bean can enjoy!


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