Family Fun Weekend!

Family Fun Weekend!

Family comes in many different forms, along with many traditions. You might call your loved ones famiglia, rodzina, kazoku, oikogéneia, famille, parivāra, gajog, parivaar, jiātíng or even ohana, but the foundation of is all the same…

Family – a group of people, who genuinely love, trust, care about, and look out for each other. A little bit of crazy and a little bit of loud. And a whole lotta love!

And to celebrate the upcoming long weekend we are sharing some fun activities that your family can all do together. And some of our most favourite Canadian activities involve the outdoors, like skating, playing hockey, snowboarding or skiing and going to various winter festivals. But the best thing about celebrating a Family Day weekend will be stuffing ourselves silly with pancakes and maple syrup on a lazy Sunday morning.

Here at PK Beans, family is a huge part of what drives our company, so we wanted to create and share with all our favourite people a free and fun family activity that can be done over the weekend that will get a conversation going that’s based on everything family!  Download our printable Family Tree document and start filling in your family members and history.

HOW TO: Write out their names and either draw a picture of them above their name or cut and glue photos. We have also included 2 extra pages for you to create your own larger family tree on a piece of poster board. 

AND… since we like upcycling used fabrics so much and keeping all sorts of materials out of the landfills, collect anything you can find from around your house like an old t-shirt, dishtowel, an unpartnered sock, or just about anything else you can think of, to decorate your tree. We like to cut of the little pieces of fabric to create a mosaic-like piece of art, which is exactly what we offer with our pre-made PK Re-Play art kits. You can also use crayons or markers to make it as colourful as you like.  Either way, there is only one rule with this project, and that is to have fun with the ones you love. 


If you need a break from creating your Family Tree here are a few more ideas to help celebrate this special weekend: 

  • Make breakfast together. A celebration calls for a good start to the day
  • Make your own cards
  • Go out and enjoy the weather
  • Take cheesy family portraits
  • Have a family movie marathon
  • Don't forget about your pets
  • Make your own scrapbooks
  • Enjoy a family game night with fresh baked cookies

One last thought for this weekend, when you have each other, you have everything you need. Now that’s family.


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