Evelyn's Story 

By Evelyn's Mom, Heather Roy

Running, swimming, CrossFit and sleepovers with friends were pretty much the norm for our family of four. That is until Friday, August 31, when Evelyn complained of abdominal pain and was taken to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Tests later confirmed a shocking diagnosis; Evelyn had a softball-sized tumour in her abdomen, stemming from Neuroblastoma, a type of adrenal gland cancer. It is not the kind of news a family expects, or welcomes. In that moment, all of our lives changed. 

Evelyn had the tumour removed on September 25th. Unfortunately, the cancer has metastasized to Evelyn’s bone marrow so removing the primary tumour was only the first step of what will be approximately 1.5 years of treatment. Over the next year, Evelyn’s treatment plan will include six rounds of chemotherapy, two stem cell transplants, radiation and immunotherapy. 
Early on our family committed to living this journey in the best way possible. In surgery Evelyn received blood and during the course of treatment she will be dependant on over 100 people to donate blood to help keep her healthy. We are so grateful to blood donors for the life-giving support Evelyn is receiving. 
Because we are so grateful for the life-giving support Evelyn is receiving, we had taken up the challenge to donate blood during the month of November, not only to help Evelyn, but as many people as we can. 
Even though November is over, we encourage you to join us by making an appointment today, and make a difference to your community!



Thank you to the Roy family for sharing Evelyn's story. Our team has been following the family's journey through a Facebook group set up by Evelyn's mother. Evelyn's kind heart and brave spirit is incredibly apparent through Heather's posts and we knew we had to shine some light on this Super Bean! All of us at Peekaboo Beans are sending Evelyn and the Roy family all of our positive vibes while they navigate this chapter of their lives.
Do you know a Super Bean? We would love to share their story!  Email us at play@peekaboobeans.com.
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