CiCi Bean

CiCi Bean

CiCi Bean was launched in FALL 2012 with a goal to celebrate the awesomeness of tween girls, so they can always let their heart be their guides. The tween age group is probably the hardest to find clothing for. They are too old for babyish clothing and too young for teenage clothing. So we filled that gap and found the happy medium with our collection named, CiCi Bean. 

CiCi Bean not only stands for something powerful, but the clothing also makes them feel great. When you are young it often becomes natural to blame your body for the way clothes fit, and this can spiral out of control with media being the way it is making girls always striving for "perfection”. Dieting and eating disorders can quickly become a fixation due to these unrealistic views. So, CiCi Bean designed clothing that is comfortable and fits all young girls with ease and casualness, but with their own personal flair. 

There are 2 other components to CiCi that we especially love; the sizing for example - we aren't a typical 8,10,12,14. What young teen wants to be defined by a number? We instead are "eight is great", "ten out of ten", "totally awesome twelve" and "fabulous fourteen". The other component is that our looks are completely age appropriate; fun, stylish, confident and full of personality without showing too much skin. Keeping our girls young, playful and confident was our goal.

One day we hope to bring CiCi Bean back, but for now we have curated an amazing vintage collection that has stood the test of time with quality, comfort and, style.

See and shop all our vintage CiCi Bean styles HERE.



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