Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On March 9th I rang the bell at the Canadian Securities Exchange, I was surrounded by a dozen of beautiful and powerful women whom I am lucky enough to call my friends and inspirers. We were celebrating International Women’s Day and it felt like one of those moments in your life where you can reflect and recognize that some progress was being made in the world for women.

As a company run and sold by 100% women, a board of directors that has 75% female representation, and a majority female customer base - I had to take a step back that day and relish the moment.  Not more than a week later, I flew back to Vancouver from Toronto and Canada went into a lock down due to a global pandemic.  It is only those that have experienced that record scratch moment understand what it feels like, where one thing can change the course of your life forever, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Over the course of lockdown, all of us went through the roller coaster of emotions and evaluations, myself included.  The time, although seemingly a terrible situation, where the world slowed down allowed me to slow down.  I had earned the Elite airline status years before, being on the road month after month, and now I lived in my pyjamas day after day.  With that said, I was able to focus on my health, which I am aware I probably took for granted in the past.  I was able to sleep more, rest more, do creative things that reduced stress, I exercised more, read more, walked more and I ate better. Getting back into the “groove” again was difficult but the time in rest allowed me to regroup and start to make healthier decisions.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and only those who have had it happen to them, when they hear those words, "you have breast cancer" can explain what that feeling of uncertainty feels like and that sped up moment when you suddenly see of all the moments in your life in a fast motion movie. I can only imagine.

While in lockdown, one of our Social Stylists (Heidi) reached out to me over messenger, her sister had THAT moment. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing 16 weeks of chemo. Heidi had seen the work that I was doing with our PK RePlay products and asked if I could make a beanie for her sister out of vintage fabrics, as her sister was getting quite cold as she was losing her hair.  Without hesitation I made a couple head cozies for her sister and sent them off to her.  Today I received a note that said, “They fit perfectly!!" My sister cannot believe how soft they feel on her head. You are such a kind woman and I just appreciate this so very much. She is going for a double mastectomy on October 8.” After hearing this story, our team at PK Beans didn’t want to stop there, given we are a female run company powered by females across the land, we wanted to give back even more this month.

So for the month of October we have two initiatives. First, we will be donating 10% of our sales from every Monday of the month to The Canadian Cancer Society.  

Secondly, we made more head cozies! For every hat sold, we will donate we will donate one to a woman fighting cancer.

On an unrelated issue, I went to my doctor this past week and as I was getting up to leave he said, “have you had a mammogram yet?” I responded that I hadn’t, so the pink slip was handed to me and it is sitting on my passenger car seat currently. Maybe this blog post will be the encouragement I need to pick up the phone and make that appointment.   


Sending love to all those affected by cancer and sending a little prayer to Heidi’s sister on October 8.

Traci xo

Click HERE to learn more about The Canadian Cancer Society.



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