Bean Jammies

Bean Jammies

Peekaboo Beans Bean Jammies

You've been asking... and they are FINALLY here!

Our take on the perfect PJ set is now available in three different colours!  


Bean Jammies in YellowBean Jammies in Yellow secret message pocket

Bean Jammies in Pink secret message in pocketBean Jammies in Pink

Alongside your favourite design features, we designed our new Bean Jammies with bedtime struggles in mind. Each front pocket includes a hand-drawn graphic with a hidden message inside. Our hope is that we can support parents with kids struggling with the separation that nighttime brings. We encourage you to use the hidden messages as a form of connection while your Beans go to sleep so they know you're never far away. Learn more about bridging nighttime separation from Dr. Deborah MacNamara (PhD, RCC, Author, Educator) below.


“Nighttime represents the biggest separation of the day for a child. The more immature a child is the more dependent they are on adults for contact and closeness. If separation is the problem, then attachment and providing a sense of connection is the cure.

Parents can help bridge this separation by proving their child with something to hold onto that represents their connection. This can include a kiss on their child’s pocket or being attached together by an invisible string. When a child feels a parent is staying close throughout the night, that child is better able to rest and get some sleep.”




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