By Paige Clifford

Stacy Jackson, a PK Beans Stylist and friend, introduced me to Canadian mama, Paige Clifford. She had recently moved to the United States to support her husband Kyle Clifford in his NHL hockey career with the LA Kings. She loved buying Beans for her son at the time, so we planned for her to host a "Beans Soiree" in her LA home with friends and neighbours and couldn't resist attending! It was a quick weekend full of friends and fun!

At the time, Paige, was busy with one bean and one on the way, fast forward to now, she added another boy to her hockey line up!  We hit it off from the start and have remained friends since. I was soooo excited when she reached out to me this year to custom design a line up of bean gear for her boys and some others for when they attended the NHL playoffs, in their new home town St. Louis. I always love hearing stories of busy moms and how they juggle it all, and even more so when you have three boys, lots of moves, big changes, and a husband playing in the NHL, so I asked Paige to do a blog take over!  Thanks for being a bean bestie Paige! - xo, Traci

 Hi Beans Family!

My name is Paige Clifford. It’s so wonderful to introduce myself and my three little busy body men, Brody (7), Ryker (5) and Cooper (3).
Here’s a little intro on myself and my sweet family. I am a Saskatchewan born woman who grew up in Alberta. My whole life I was a competitive figure skater which brought me to Ontario where I met my husband Kyle. At the time, Kyle played junior hockey and I figure skated, he then moved to LA to pursue his hockey career and I met up with him a few years later after completing post secondary. From there we were blessed with our three sons, the boys were all born in California and got to live the beach life for several years. February 2021 changed gears for us as we then moved from sunny California to Toronto to St. Louis where we still currently are. This all happened so quickly with so much uncertainty but we couldn’t be more happy to be where we are now.
I started off my PK Beans journey during my pregnancy with our youngest (Cooper), Traci so kindly reached out to me and we hit it off. We planned a fun PK Beans party in sunny California and I haven’t looked back since! The quality of the brand speaks for itself. Fast forward to a few years later, we moved to a colder climate and I kept ordering and the boys kept loving their Beans!
My most recent journey with Beans is what I really want to share. It has been by far my favourite one. I reached out to Traci and asked her if she could do something fun for the boys in support of their dad. You could guess her answer, she never turns anything down, she’s always ready to rock her creative spunk and we collaborated - Traci always executes! We made the cutest, coziest, custom Beans track suits for the boys and a few others. It was definitely a crazy, fun experience!

I couldn’t think of a better brand to have helped us create these memories and I am so glad to be part of the PK Beans family. Thank you again for everything Traci, we love you and your brand!

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