A Stand Against Racism

A Stand Against Racism

This past week we paused our regular content on social media to stand in solidarity with everyone fighting for black lives and against racial inequality. At the same time, our team was behind the scenes listening, learning and having hard conversations with each other and our families. It has been incredibly eye opening to say the least. As parents, we understand that it starts with us if we want to create a better future for our children and that is only one reason that continuing to do the work is important to us.

We want our community to know that as time goes on and the hashtags disappear, and we continue to post our regular content again, we are committed to continuing to listen, learn and do better as a brand. We have prided ourselves on being an inclusive company that celebrates diversity in the past, but we know there is so much more we can do and educating ourselves has just been the beginning. 

We will continue to share resources on our social media channels to support you and your family with tough subjects such as race inequality. If you know of any great resources for parents, we encourage you to tag us so we can re-share them! We have also created a list of resources for you on our blog. Check them out below.

Lastly, we welcome our community’s feedback as we work to make meaningful change together. Please feel free to email us at play@pkbeans.com at any time with your feedback or suggestions.

Playfully yours,




How Not To Raise Racist Children - @raisegoodkids

Raising Little Allies-To-Be - kisforkindness.org

The Conscious Kid

23 Books That Teach Young Kids About Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality

31 Children's books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance

Why It's So Important To Talk To Your Children About Race (and 11 Books to Start the Conversation) - Create Cultivate

Helping Kids Handle The News - @childmindinstitute

Diversifying Your Toy Collection - Kids Swag

#WINDOWOFLOVE Free Printable - hued.ca

Introducing Race To Children - ParentsCanada

Black Organizations and Anti-Racist Groups Canadians Can Support Now - Huffington Post


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